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Plan a Trip in Your Own City (City-Stay)


Imagine that you had a map and you threw a dart to determine where your next destination will be.

To your surprise and dismay the dart landed directly on your city of residence. You are committed to the process and decided to plan a “city-stay”. Now you must pretend that you are a tourist in your own city and look at it with fresh new eyes. Many times we take for granted opportunities for adventure that are offered only a stone throw for home.


Where do you start? Find those hidden treasures and pay attention to the details right in front of your eyes. Take the time to learn about the rich history of your city though exhibits and tours. Locate the treasures in your back yard without committing to a huge budget.The internet offers a convenient way to research attraction and places to visit in your city. I am sure you will discover places and locations you have not visited that will offer excitement. These hidden treasures could include restaurants featured on the food network; favorite places visited by stars, movie sets, and organized special events. Where is that place that the locals called “the tourist spot”? Make a concerted effort to visit that place. Chances are you have not been there in a while and things may have changed since your last visit. It may take a little time and research but you must be committed to discovering those untapped features of your city. You may have to seek assistance from friends, family, co-workers or even strangers. Find out where the people in your circle are traveling to with just a simple question like, what place would you recommend visiting here in our city? This will open dialogue that could lead to a listing that could fill your travel calendar. Be open to the suggestions offered also make sure to enlist the suggestions of that “native” friend or co-worker. That person who has spent their entire life in the city. They will surely provide the “golden nugget”. Pack your bags and yes, stay in your own city overnight, the entire weekend or longer, it can be done!


Next, you may want to Visit National and/or State Parks in your area. The Park system offers unique outdoor opportunities which may include paddle boating, kayaking, star gazing, a glimpse at wildlife and more. This is an affordable way to experience the outdoors and have fun. Many parks around the country offer shelter for rent including yurts, cabins, and camping hook-ups. Each park is different and you could spend the entire year visiting the National and State Parks and never do the same activity twice. Great photo opportunities, affordable, and educational experiences!


Some other recommendations that will help you plan a great get-away in your own city include seeking out festivals and planning “staycations”. Festivals are fun! If you like crowds of people enjoying time around a common theme, then a festival is for you. There are festivals that have a rich history and have been going on for many years and others pop up one year never to been seen again. You can search the internet to find any type of festival of interest from music festivals to sea food festivals and everything in between. Chances are there is a festival in your area this year. “Staycations” will require that you use a little imagination. Book a hotel in your city, pack your bags, tell the neighbors to watch the house because you will be away. Check into the hotel and enjoy all the amenities provided by the hotel. Visit the bar, get a massage, get in a workout, relax in bed, watch television, order room service, take a swim, or unwind in the hot tub but most importantly act like you are a tourist! So now that you have a clear picture of what can be added to your “citystay”, I am sure the anxiety caused by the dart landing on your city has subsided. Make a plan and let the good times roll!

After exploring your own city join Breathe Easy Retreat for more unique affordable trips.

COME EXPLORE WITH US and stay curious my friend! Please share any hidden treasures that you discovered below by sharing the city and the must see and must do’s in your city.

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